The Visitors by Caroline Scott – 10th December

The Return of Hester Lynton by Tony Evans – 6th December


Transfusion by Nick Oldham – 29th November

The Bloodless Boy by Robert J Lloyd – 24th November

The World Cup Mystery by Peter Bartram – 17th November

The Dublin Railway Murder by Thomas Morris – 15th November

Ninety-Five by Lisa Towles – 12th November


When Ghosts Come Home by Wiley Cash – 31st October

Sergeant Salinger by Jerome Charyn – 28th October

The Apparition Phase by Will Maclean27th October

Without A Trace by Jane Bettany – 22nd October

Orders To Kill by Edward Marston16th October

Past Life by David Mark12th October

Death Threats and other stories by Georges Simenon5th October

To All The Living by Monica Felton4th October

Hunt by Leona Deakin3rd October

Blackout by Simon Scarrow1st October


The Burning by Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman19th September

The Wrecking Storm by Michael Ward 17th September

A Corruption of Blood by Ambrose Parry – 5th September

A Hundred Years to Arras by JM Cobley – 3rd September


The Mannequin House by RN Morris – 29th August

Wolf at the Door by Sarah Hawkswood – 19th August

Guilt by Michelle Kidd – 8th August

The Nameless Ones by John Connolly – 4th August


London Bridge Is Falling Down by Christopher Fowler – 30th July

A Case of Royal Blackmail by Sherlock Holmes – 29th July

Intermission by Graham Hurley – 26th July

Nine Lives by Kevin McManus – 25th July

Arrowood and the The Meeting House Murders by Mick Finlay8th July

Dead Sorry by Helen H Durrant5th July


Brass Lives by Chris Nickson30th June

Kyiv by Graham Hurley27th June

Murder At Madame Tussaud’s by Jim Eldridge – 22nd June

The Killings At Kingfisher Hill by Sophie Hannah – 20th June

Dying Inside by Damien Boyd – 17th June

A Cold Grave by Trevor Negus – 15th June

Blackstoke by Rob Parker – 12th June

Outbreak by Frank Gardner – 7th June

Scarred by Nick Oldham – 5th June

Silesian Station by David Downing – 1st June

Sword of Bone by Anthony Rhodes – 24th May

The Distant Dead by Lesley Thomson – 20th May

Pathfinders by Cecil Lewis -16th May

The Perfect Lie by Jo Spain – 13th May

The Waiter by Ajay Chowdhury – 6th May

Bullet Train by Kōtarō Isaka3rd May

Wedding Station by David Downing – 1st May

Hardcastle’s Secret Agent by Graham Ison – 29th April

Summon Up The Blood by RN Morris – 23rd April

Someone To Watch Over Me by Ace Atkins – 20th April

Beneath Blackwater River by Leslie Wolfe – 16th April

Secret Mischief by Robin Blake – 15th April

The Custard Corpses by MJ Porter – 6th April

The Whispers by Heidi Perks – 4th April


Blood Runs Thicker by Sarah Hawkswood – 21st March

The Doom List by Gerard O’Donovan – 19th March

The Three Locks by Bonnie MacBird – 18th March

Last Nocturne by MJ Trow – 5th March

Never Ask The Dead by Gary Donnelly – 2nd March


Murder At The Ritz by Jim Eldridge25th February

What Will Burn by James Oswald 17th February

The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse – 13th February

Serpentine by Jonathan Kellerman – 8th February

The Night Hawks by Elly Griffiths – 3rd February

End of the Line by Robert Scragg – 2nd February


The Burning Girls by CJ Tudor – 31st January

I Know What I Saw by SK Sharp29th January

Crow Court by Andy Charman26th January

Before She Disappeared by Lisa Gardner – 24th January

No Good Deed by Ewan Lawrie – 21st January

The Art of Dying by Ambrose Parry – 18th January

House With No Doors by Jeff Noon – 10th January

Double Agent by Tom Bradby – 6th January

To The Dark by Chris Nickson – 5th January