Final Term by Leigh Russell – 30th January

Death Ride by Nick Oldham – 14th January

Hidden Crimes by Michael Hambling – 11th January

Breaking the Circle by MJ Trow – 4th January


Unnatural History by Jonathan Kellerman  – 13th February

The Temenos Remains by Heather Peck – 28th February


Emergence by Guy Portman – 6th March

Twist of Fate by DL Mark – 12th March

The Close by Jane Casey – 15th March

The Dead Will Rise by Chris Nickson – 28th March


I Will Find You by Harlan Coben – 10th April

The Monk by Tim Sullivan – 18th April

Moscow Exile by John Lawton – 27th April

Killing The Invisible by Keith Dixon – 27th April