DavidFULLY BOOKED is written and edited by David Prestidge. He is a former Assistant Headteacher, and for some years wrote for, and helped edit the website Crime Fiction Lover. He is married, with four grown-up sons, three grand-daughters, and lives in the Cambridgeshire market town of Wisbech. He is a great admirer of local writer Jim Kelly, but believes that The Nine Tailors, by Dorothy L Sayers, captures the essence of the Fen country like no book before or since.

His Desert Island choice of reading would be a collection of stories by Derek Raymond, if only because Raymond’s bleak vision of humanity would be very effective in persuading the castaway not to attempt foolhardy escapes. David is also fascinated by any kind of criminal activity – fictional or real – set in London, and in particular, the Ripper murders, the Tottenham Outrage, and the Shepherd’s Bush killings of 1966.

When he is not reading crime novels, David sits and admires his collection of guitars and mandolins, and wishes he had the musical skill to do them justice. Once a fully paid-up member of CND and the Anti Apartheid Movement, he admits that his politics have moved to the right in old age, but hopes that his sense of compassion and fair play remains untouched by this shift.

On a negative level, David admits to being lukewarm about graphic novels, interactive games and apps, most pulp fiction and – his greatest mea culpa – the passionate love affair many readers and critics have with anything Scandinavian, irrespective of merit. FULLY BOOKED can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/MaliceAfore

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