Kill The Father

KILL THE FATHER … The big reveal


GOING …                       GOING …                             GONE!

Off came the wrapper of Kill The Father to reveal a compelling minimalist cover design in an ominous black, with just enough crimson to remind us that blood will be shed. It’s not a slim volume, either, as it runs to nearly 500 pages in what looks to these aging eyes like a very small font.

The important stuff. It’s not out until February 2017, but you will be able to read the Fully Booked review early in the New Year. The story? It’s set in Rome, and the titular ‘Father’ is a masked kidnapper who has been active and at large for many years. Two men make it their business to bring down The Father, by fair means or foul. For Deputy Captain Colomba Caselli it’s both his job and much, much more than just a job, but for Dante Torre, a man who spent his childhood trapped inside a concrete silo, it’s personal, because his captor and jailer for all those excruciating years was – The Father himself.

For folks who can read Italian, author Sandrone Dazieri has his own website, or you can read a little more about him on his Wikipedia page

MISTERIOSO …Wrapped up in black


Publicists become cleverer and cleverer in their life mission to attract YOU to THAT particular novel. Today, concealed in an innocent white padded envelope, came a book completely sealed in a sinister black wrap. Twelve words – and a strange image of a figure glimpsed through, what? A fissure in the rock? A torn curtain? Maybe something more metaphorical, like a jagged rip in someone’s conscience?

I will post ‘the grand reveal’ a little later in the week. The featured image is just a little musical jest. Those who can sight read will not need to sew up their sides after uncontrollable mirth, but will at least get the joke!

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