COMPETITION … Win The Adversary by Emmanuel Carrère


Emmanuel Carrère’s record of his correspondence with murderer Jean Claude Romand is a stunning tale of writerly obsession, charting a disturbing journey into the psyche of a killer. It questions the nature of human identity, delusion – and evil.

Sounds spellbinding, doesn’t it? So, how do you get hold of a crisp copy of this brand new paperback, worth £8.99? Simple – and we’ve even given you two ways to enter. Firstly, just email us at the following address:

In the subject box, put ‘The Adversary’ – if you are successful, you will be asked to provide a postal address so the book can be sent to you.

Secondly, for Facebook fans, go to our FB page, find the post referring to this competition, and simply click ‘like’. Your name will go into the digital hat along with those who have entered by email.

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CLOSING DATE FOR ALL ENTRIES – 10.00pm GMT Friday 11th August 2017



Unleashed Compo Header

OUR LATEST COMPETITION PRIZE is an absolute rip-snorter. It’s the second novel in the Matt Hunter series by Peter Laws. Those who read the first tale, Purged (read our review) will have some idea what to expect, but for new readers, Matt Hunter is a former clergyman who, having had a Road To Damascus (but in reverse) now lectures in the sociology of religion and faith at a university.

UnleashedIn Unleashed, his scepticism is shaken by events at an otherwise unremarkable terraced house in South London where, several years ago, a troubled nine-year-old girl committed suicide in the midst of a troubling sequence of poltergeist phenomena.

Now, little Holly Wasson appears to lie uneasy – her mother and sister are convinced she is trying to reach them from beyond the grave. Matt Hunter is recruited by local police to make sense of the disturbing events, but even he is unsure if he is dealing with straightforward murder or something much darker.


(1) Simply email putting the word Unleashed in the subject box.

(2) Go to our Facebook page (click the blue link) and ‘like’ the post.

All entrants will have their names put in the proverbial hat, and a winner selected. The winner will be notified by email or Facebook personal message.

Competition closes 10.00pm GMT, Tuesday 25th July, 2017

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COMPETITION … Win STRANGE TIDE by Christopher Fowler

Strange Tide Header

I COUNT MYSELF GENUINELY LUCKY to be sent novels by publishers and authors who are looking for coverage of their books. Any reviewer will tell you the same thing. Inevitably, it is impractical to keep all the books once they have been read and reviewed. I pass on books to like-minded friends, or take a batch to the charity shops in town. But some contemporary books I guard with my life, and they will leave my house over my dead body.

7061d-chrisfowlerThe Urban Dictionary tells me that a “keeper” is is a colloquial phrase derived from “for keeps,” which means worth keeping forever. I have an eclectic list of CriFi keepers which include such diverse talents as Walter Mosley, Phil Rickman, Harry Bingham, Eva Dolan and Jim Kelly. But top of my list is the wonderful Bryant and May series by Christopher Fowler (left). So, rest assured, I would not be putting this lovely new paperback up as a prize if I did not already have my hardback copy in pride of place on my bookshelf.

ST back033STRANGE TIDE is set, as you may expect, in London, but it’s a London few of us will ever see. It’s a world of forgotten alleyways, strange histories, abandoned amusement arcades, inexplicable legends and murder – always murder. Strange Tide was my book of the year for 2016, and you can read my review of it by following this link.

If you would like to win the paperback version of Strange Tide, then answer a simple question. Fans of the series will know the christian names of the two aged detectives. So, if you think their names are Reg Bryant and Michael May, then send me an email with Reg, Michael in the subject box. The email address is below.

Competition closes at 10.00pm GMT on Wednesday 31st May 2017.
• One entry per competitor.• Entries accepted from Europe, America, Asia and Australasia (basically anywhere!)
• The winner will be drawn out of the (digital) hat.


COMPETITION … Win ‘Home’ by Harlan Coben

Home Comp

HERE AT FULLY BOOKED TOWERS  we have a lovely crisp new paperback edition of Home, the mesmerising thriller by suspense-meister Harlan Coben, and it is crying out for a new owner. We reviewed the hardback edition a while ago, and were knocked out by the incredibly clever plot which twists and turns this way and that.

SO, HOW DO YOU ENTER? Dead simple. Fans of Coben’s investigator Myron Bolitar will already know the answer, but if you are new to the series, read our review, which is on the end of this link. You will see that Bolitar is a former professional sportsman. Simply use that sport as the email subject, eg “Cricket” and email Fully Booked at the address below.

ALL CORRECT ANSWERS will be put into the digital hat, and the winner will be notified in due course. To keep postage costs down, the competition on this occasion is only open to readers from the UK and the Irish Republic. We have a Bank Holiday next weekend, and so the competition closes at 10.00pm UK time on Monday 1st May.

Home Footer

COMPETITION … Win a copy of Earthly Remains by Donna Leon

Donna Leon 1

Donna Leon’s Commissario Guido Brunetti  has become a firm favourite with crime fiction readers the world over, and now you have the chance to win a hardback copy of his latest adventure, worth £18.99, just days after its UK release.

Donna Leon 2Brunetti is feeling his age, and the constant pressure of the expectations of his bosses in La Questura has led to him making an error of judgment which threatens to derail his career. Rather like the football manager who substitutes a player before he can collect the second Yellow card, Brunetti’s wife insists he takes leave of absence, and packs him off to stay with a relative on the quiet and thinly populated island of Sant’Erasmo. But this, of course, is a crime thriller, and we all know that recuperating detectives always attract dark deeds. In this case it is the disappearance of Davide Casati, the caretaker of the house. Brunetti is drawn reluctantly but inevitably in the search for the man, and it soon becomes apparent that he would have had more rest if he’d stayed at home.

All you have to do
to be in with a chance of winning this book, is to email Fully Booked at the address below, and put the word Brunetti as the email subject.

Your name will go into the hat, and a winner will be drawn in the usual way. The competition closes at 10.00pm GMT on Sunday 9th April. Due to postage costs, the competition is restricted to residents of Great Britain and the Irish Republic.

Donna Leon 3

COMPETITION … Win a copy of Crisis by Frank Gardner


Most people who follow the news on the BBC will have seen its Security Correspondent Frank Gardner, or heard his compelling voice on radio. Many will know that he was a disabled by appalling gunshot wounds he received while covering a story in Saudi Arabia in 2004.

crisis-backAlready widely admired for two memoirs about his life and travels, Gardner has now written a bestselling novel, Crisis, which tells the story of an ex Special Boat Service commando in a life-or-death race to prevent a Colombian drug lord inflicting a catastrophic attack on London.

Published by Bantam, a crisp new paperback of Crisis can be yours if you enter our prize draw. Simple email Fully Booked at the address below, putting Crisis in the subject box. The competition closes at 10.00pm GMT on Sunday March 12th, 2017. On this occasion we are happy to post the prize anywhere in the world!

Your name will go into the hat, and a winner will be drawn in the usual way. The competition closes at 10.00pm GMT on Sunday 12th March. Entries are welcome from our followers in America, Australia or Europe!



life-of-dickensTo celebrate the birthday of Charles Dickens on 7th February, we have a tasty quiz involving six of the great man’s most memorable villains. To enter the draw for the prize – Claire Tomalin’s highly regarded Charles Dickens – A Life – you need to look at the six photographs, taken from screen versions of Dickens novels. To be in with a chance of winning, identify three things. First, the name of the book. Second the name of the character. Third, the name of the actor pictured. For those of you who love a touch of the cryptic crossword, there are six fairly helpful clues to go with each picture, and folk who are adept at pub trivia  questions should enjoy the references. Do the best you can – all entries will go into the hat, and the person most correct answers gets the prize!


To help you, there are six mildly cryptic clues.

A This slimy character – who was very humble – might be seen trotting around South London, particularly in Peckham! He was eventually exposed by Mr Micawber, and after that, it was Goodnight Sweetheart !

B This actor’s name might suggest that he was emotionally very up and down, but he found fame running a kind of children’s home in 19th century London.

C This vile fellow had a crush on a poor girl who tried to make a living selling antiques. Before he drowned in the Thames, he had time to reprise Captain Mainwaring in the remake of a popular TV series.

D These days, you are more likely to see this gravelly-voiced actor advertising betting on TV (but he bets responsibly!) Here he played a frightening jailbird who had a habit of leaping out from behind tombstones in misty graveyards. In the book, however, he died a happy man.

E This dreadful schoolmaster says,” I’ll spare you. I’ll flog you to within an inch of your life, and I’ll spare you then!” is played by an English character actor who featured in such films as Moulin Rouge and a couple of Harry Potter epics.

F He always liked a drink or three, a touch of on-screen nude wrestling, and actually played Debussy in a Ken Russell TV film. Here, he is one of the vilest men Dickens created – violent to women and dogs in equal measure.

When you have your answers, write them in the body of an email, put Dickens in the subject box, and send it to:

Those who have answered the most questions correctly will have their names put in a hat, and a winner drawn out.

The prize will be sent to the winner direct from Amazon, so we can offer the competition to Fully Booked fans all over the world.

THE COMPETITION CLOSES at 10.00pm GMT on Tuesday 7th February – Charles Dickens’s birthday

COMPETITION …Win ‘Purged’ by Peter Laws


Recently, Purged, the debut crime fiction thriller from Peter Laws was reviewed here on Fully Booked. Now you have a chance to win a crisp new copy for yourself. Simply send us an email as outlined below, and your name will go into the draw.

With ‘Purged‘ as the subject, just email:

Your name will go into the hat, and a winner will be drawn in the usual way. The competition closes at 10.00pm GMT on Sunday 29th January. Due to postage costs, entry is restricted to people who live in Great Britain and the Irish Republic.

COMPETITION TIME …Win the new book by Eva Dolan

whdThe first Fully Booked competition for 2017 has a fantastic prize – the eagerly awaited fourth novel from a writer who is regarded as one of crime fiction’s fastest rising stars – Eva Dolan. Watch Her Disappear is not on sale until 26th January, but you could be well ahead of the game if you win this competition.

It’s a little trickier than usual, but great fun. Watch the YouTube video, and listen to the five famous pieces of music. Identify the composer of each, then take the first letter of their surname. That will give you an anagram of the surname of a famous screen detective.

They have nothing to do with the competition, but are just for looking at while you work out who the composers are.

So, for example, if there were six pieces of music, and you identified Liszt, Schubert, Orff, Handel, Mahler and Enescu, that would give you L, S, O, H, M and E making, of course HOLMES!

With your answer as the subject, just email:

Your name will go into the hat, and a winner will be drawn in the usual way. The competition closes at 10.00pm GMT on Sunday 15th January. Due to postage costs, entry is restricted to people who live in Great Britain and the Irish Republic. Click the image to watch the video:



  1. Competition closes 10.00pm London time on Sunday 15th January 2017.
  2. One entry per competitor.
  3. All correct entries will be put in the proverbial hat, and one winner drawn.
  4. The winner will be notified by email, and a postal address requested


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