Val McDermidThere are just a handful of authors who, when you have their latest book in your hands, remind you of the sheer unalloyed pleasure that can come from reading. For me, that is the best feeling in the creative world, bar none – and that’s from someone who spent most of his professional life teaching and playing music. One of those treasured authors is Val McDermid, who you know is never going to let you down.

Her new book is the fourth case for Inspector Karen Pirie who, like her creator, is based in Fife, Scotland. A joyride for a local teenager ends in rather more than tears, as the unfortunate youth ends in a coma.No modern police novel is complete with the mystical world of DNA cropping up at some point, and in this case it links to a decades-old cold case and the terrible legacy of a terrorist bombing. Out of bounds will be available from 25th August, but can be pre-ordered here. Watch out for the full review on Fully Booked!