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I have been a singer for most of my life. My first recalled performance was dressed up in a kilt and velvet bonnet singing The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond, at the age of five, on the stage of the Methodist church hall. Some would say it went downhill from then, but I have enjoyed singing opera, oratorio, folk music and in even rock bands. I no longer perform except to the microphone at home,  but a good singing voice can make my spine tingle like no other instrument. Here are ten pieces of music by great singers. One or two of my choices might surprise you, but please take a listen. Click each graphic to link to a YouTube video of the song. I’ll upload one every couple of days until we get to Number One.





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EVERYONE LOVES A LIST …and here’s mine!

Crime Fiction tastes are infinitely variable
, and always beautifully subjective. One person’s gripping page-turner can easily be another person’s decision to give up the ghost at page 93 and consign the offending book to the charity shop.

I would love to see your own personal hit parades. Why are mine separated by gender? Merely a response to a Twitter comment by crime writer Katherine Pathak. There’s a feeling that successful women CriFi authors these days outnumber their male counterparts. Is this correct? If so, why?

Your views would be very welcome. No-one will be right, and no-one will be wrong. You can share your views in all the usual ways.


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