whdThe first Fully Booked competition for 2017 has a fantastic prize – the eagerly awaited fourth novel from a writer who is regarded as one of crime fiction’s fastest rising stars – Eva Dolan. Watch Her Disappear is not on sale until 26th January, but you could be well ahead of the game if you win this competition.

It’s a little trickier than usual, but great fun. Watch the YouTube video, and listen to the five famous pieces of music. Identify the composer of each, then take the first letter of their surname. That will give you an anagram of the surname of a famous screen detective.

They have nothing to do with the competition, but are just for looking at while you work out who the composers are.

So, for example, if there were six pieces of music, and you identified Liszt, Schubert, Orff, Handel, Mahler and Enescu, that would give you L, S, O, H, M and E making, of course HOLMES!

With your answer as the subject, just email:


Your name will go into the hat, and a winner will be drawn in the usual way. The competition closes at 10.00pm GMT on Sunday 15th January. Due to postage costs, entry is restricted to people who live in Great Britain and the Irish Republic. Click the image to watch the video:



  1. Competition closes 10.00pm London time on Sunday 15th January 2017.
  2. One entry per competitor.
  3. All correct entries will be put in the proverbial hat, and one winner drawn.
  4. The winner will be notified by email, and a postal address requested