WEndy CartmellA FREE LUNCH? As in ‘no such thing as’? Normally, the old adage is pretty true, but it seems that you can feast your mind. if not your tummy, with a genuine free offer from author Wendy Cartmell (left). She is best known for her series of Sgt. Major Crane stories, featuring the gritty Military Policeman, but she has a more recent heroine, Emma Harrison. She is an Assistant Governor of Reading Young Offenders’ Institution, and while her charges are callow youths, they are well versed in all kinds of villainy, and the broken lives which have pitched them into the Institution have made some of them very damaged indeed.

In Joint Judgment, she faces a career-defining challenge as she strives to defuse a potentially catastrophic situation, as first the Institutes doctor is attacked and badly hurt, but then the Art Teacher is brutally killed. In order to prevent further bloodshed, she enlists the help of Sgt. Billy Williams, of the Special Investigations Branch of the Royal Military Police.

Joint Judgment

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