Two beguiling new books have arrived in the last couple of days, one by an author with who is new to me, and one by a writer whose novels have held me spellbound since I borrowed his first novel from the local library in 1995.

MOSCOW EXILE by John Lawton

MEI believe that John Lawton’s novels are every bit as significant as Anthony Powell’s A Dance to the Music of Time sequence. Lawton’s books were never marketed in the same way – as a developing saga –  but from start to finish, they all interconnect. Not all the characters appear in every book, but they are all there in the background. Moscow Exile is, notionally, one of the Joe Wilderness books, but within the first few pages we become reacquainted with familiar characters from the Fred Troy novels. The actions focuses on the spy game from the outbreak of WW2 to the Cold War in 1960s Berlin. I will post a full review soon, but for now, this is published by Grove Press and will be out on 4th May.

THE FALL by Gilly Macmillan

The FallThe Bristol-based author is a former art historian and photographer who studied at Bristol University and the Courtauld Institute of Art in London. She now has a strict of bestselling psychological thrillers to her name, including What She Knew, The Perfect Girl and The Long Weekend. Her latest novel tells the tale of a couple who win a fortune on the lottery, and move into what they hope will be a dream home. When the husband – Tom – is found dead in their state-of-the-art pool – the police have no option but to focus their attention on his wife – Nicole – and thus her nightmare begins. The Fall is published by Century/Penguin Random House and will be on the shelves from 25th May.