November 27, 2016

SALUT d’AMOUR … Sir Edward Elgar


For me, the most beautiful tune ever written. It is heartbreakingly beautiful, tinged with passion and more than a little regret. Elgar wrote so many fine tunes, but this one is intimate and personal. It seems like one person simply telling another person, “I love you.”

COMPETITION … Distress Signals

dsIf you want a lovely copy of Catherine Ryan Howard’s novel Distress Signals, then enter our prize draw. I can personally guarantee that it is a cracking read, as I reviewed it for another site earlier in the year. I’ll steal a few lines from what I wrote:

” Howard cleverly lays a trail of small, separate accidents which eventually connect to bring grief, heartbreak and death to people whose lives have consequently collided.”

When you get to the Six Months Later epilogue, you may be expecting a bland, loose-end-tying reflection on the gripping events you have just read about. Suffice to say that Catherine Ryan Howard saves the biggest shock for the end – literally, the last two words.

All you need to do is send us a quick email, as follows:

With Distress Signals in the subject line, just email Fully Booked at the address below.

There’s no need to put any further details. There will be a draw of all the entrants, and the winner will notified in the usual way. This time we are only posting to mainland UK, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. The competition closes at 10.00pm GMT on Sunday 4th December.


  1. Competition closes 10.00pm London time on Sunday 4th December 2016.
  2. One entry per competitor.
  3. All correct entries will be put in the proverbial hat, and one winner drawn.
  4. The winner will be notified by email, and a postal address requested

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